No one was ever wise by chance.

Innovation is more than meets the eye at AXENT. The Group is wholly committed to creating a future where beautifully crafted products [...]


No one was ever wise by chance.

Innovation is more than meets the eye at AXENT. The Group is wholly committed to creating a future where beautifully crafted products bring an unimagined level of quality to our lives. With 300 engineers in its research and development centre, alongside 1200 employees, the AXENT Group is well positioned to achieve its vision to become the world’s most innovative and reliable provider of sanitary technology.

Our Technologies.

  • AXENT Smart Control

  • Airless Siphon Technology

  • E-touch Technology

  • I-Flush

  • Easy Clean

AXENT Smart Control

"AXENT Smart Control" is an APP that can control every AXENT intelligent product. Use Bluetooth to automatically connect your mobile device to your AXENT intelligent product and use it like a remote control, with a single touch of your finger.

Functioning like any remote control, the APP allows you to access every function without you even touching your toilet.

We eliminate the need for a conventional remote control with batteries - using your phone instead is not only more environmentally friendly, but also much more convenient.

Any Bluetooth-compatible device utilizing Android or Apple iOS can install and use the AXENT Smart Control APP. You can replace and save your settings and control your toilet remotely.

Airless Siphon Technology

Invented in 2012, the Airless Siphon Technology completely overturns the traditional siphon standard by changing the water storage structure of the pipes. Using a siphon accelerator, it prevents the air from entering the pipes, filling the pipes with water and turning all these into maximum potential energy to create an instant siphon. Saving 35% of water compared to a traditional siphon, this technology only needs 3.8L of water.

Airless flushing triggers a super fast flow rate, cleaning the toilet in only two seconds.

Water pressure is increased by 3 times, thus creates a stronger flushing power that improves the drainage effect by 2 to 3 times - and prevents blocking.

Revolutionizing the traditional flushing mechanism, it makes efficient use of 3.8L of water and saves 35% of water compared to the national standard.

E-touch Technology

In 2013, AXENT invented a system to enable a wireless flush that allows more conveniences to different groups of end users. Unlike traditional toilets limiting the position of the flush button, the E-TOUCH technology allows for flexible placement wherever you feel it is convenient.

With a soft touch, E-TOUCH remote controlpanel activates the flushing system. It works like a remote control and makes flushing more convenient than ever.

No need for cables: built-in batteries ensure that E-TOUCH works completely without troublesome cables, which allows for total freedom when planning a bathroom. Integrated batteries make for an installation more flexible and easy than ever before.

Low energy consumption allows E-TOUCH to work up to two years with the same batteries. That is not only cost-efficient but also great for the environment.


In 2007, AXENT found the perfect way to accumulate water pressure generated in the pipe as flushing energy and created the matchless I-FLUSH flushing system that works without electricity. I-FLUSH has eliminated the traditional cistern, and yet looks much more clean, beautiful and spacious. What’s more important, no-cistern toilet can keep up with this efficiency in water consumption - durable and reliable, I-FLUSH uses only 3.5 L of water.

Toilets with the I-FLUSH system only need 3.5L of water to flush. They can save 40% of water compared to the international standard of 6L water consumption for water saving toilets.

Without cistern, toilets can be smaller and lighter, thus a toilet using AXENT's I-FLUSH technology can save precious bathroom space for you.

I-FLUSH fully applies the internal water pressure generated in an airtight pipe and uses an energy storage system to amplify the flushing power. Continuous energy release brings a strong flushing effect, making the toilet extremely clean.

I-FLUSH fully utilizes the energy generated by the water pressure accumulated in the pipe, enabling an unplugged functioning while ensuring an efficient flushing.

AXENT toilets completely get rid of the cistern due to the I-FLUSH technology. No longer limited to conventional design, the installation and appearance design is full of infinite possibility.

Easy Clean

Easy Clean (a self-cleaning antibacterial glaze) is a great innovation of AXENT and is the outcome of thousands of experiments carried out by AXENT engineers. Developed in Europe, this technology guarantees an instant self-cleaning of toilet and washbasin ceramics. Every flushing activates a self-cleaning process which does not allow bacteria and stains to hide anywhere.

Containing antiseptic silver ions, AXENT Easy Clean can effectively prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria. It works permanently in the thin top layer of the glaze, making the antibacterial function effective at all times. According to authoritative lab reports, the comprehensive antibacterial effect of Easy Clean on typical bacteria is more than 90%.

Easy Clean has a super smooth surface where the soiling and residues can be easily washed away, preventing stains and scale from forming and at the same time helping the cleaning process. The resulting reduction in the use of cleaning materials and water delivers long-term environmental benefits.