June 3, 2016

AXENT at the 21st Kitchen & Bath China in Shanghai


Leading the industry trends, thousands of new products have been displayed at the biggest kitchen and bathroom fair in Asia, the 21st Kitchen & Bath China in Shanghai.

Uniquely combining an efficient flush, smart functions and a beautiful shape, AXENT Switzerland introduced the brand new AXENT.ONE C which is aimed to provide the most user-friendly and complete bathroom solution.

The AXENT booth, a symbol of AXENT Switzerland’s brand spirit, was designed to match all the unique functions and designs of the products. The stand has been designed in a way that conveniently leads the visitor through the exhibition, ensuring that none of the inspiring products are overlooked.

Having innovation at it’s core, the AXENT.ONE C collection aims to change personal hygiene and uses the power of simplicity, encouraging modern people to refuse the superfluous.

Without extra water tanks, the AXENT.ONE C collection brings more freedom, environmental sustainability and slim and intuitive controls, according to AXENT’s belief that technology should always serve people.

As a luxury sanitary brand and due to its sophisticated technologies and perfect handicraft, AXENT Switzerland has become the leader in the field of intelligent home furniture.

The 2016 KBC has been a great success for AXENT as judged by many professionals and designers, marking a great start to the company’s next chapter of expanding China and the American market.