October 26, 2017




From Oct 16th to 25th 2017, the World Design Summit, an event helping to shape the future of our societies through design, was held in Montréal’s Palais des Congrès de Montréal, the city’s convention and exhibition centre.


In 2017, Montréal celebrates three important milestones: Canada’s 150th anniversary, Montréal’s 375th anniversary and Expo 67’s 50th anniversary – with these three coinciding festivities, 2017 is an ideal time for Montréal to host an international gathering of such magnitude.




The primary mission of the 2017 World Design Summit (WDS) is to bring together practitioners of all disciplines in order to foster cooperation and communication, provide a platform for professional advancement and demonstrate the tremendous power of design and design thinking to create viable, sustainable solutions to global social and environmental challenges.



The Summit is an occasion for design professionals to create bridges across disciplines, to promote design as a key social and economic driver and to engage with decision makers, industry representatives, the media and the general public. 108 groundbreaking topics have been defined to help frame discussions and generate concrete proposals and solutions to global challenges. All congress delegates are invited to take part in as many working groups as they wish, and to define proposals and submit them to the Summit of International Organizations, to help strengthen and define the international declaration and action plan.



2500 Design Professionals

500 Design Expert Speakers

100 Provocative Topics

25 International Keynotes

6 Design Disciplines

6 Driving Themes

1 World



Breaking barriers. This international and multidisciplinary forum was created to solve practical problems and to take an active part in kick-starting a global initiative. It is an international incubator for rethinking mission of the designer and the design process, and for finding global and wide-reaching solutions. It is about more than just the latest trends – it is about your role as a creative leader in society, business, culture and governance.


Fifteen organizations representing designers, architects, planners and landscape architects gathered for the first time under one roof to share perspectives and to cross-pollinate innovative ideas. Participants were part of working groups that presented their solutions to the Summit of International Organizations and aim to help shape an international action plan that can bring real change.


With a focus on sustainable bathroom solutions, AXENT was part of the discussion about DESIGN FOR EARTH and delivered a keynote speech sharing its vision of how tankless technology will revolutionize the industry.







We have collected some of the highlights of the AXENT Switzerland Keynote Presentation on our patented Tankless Technology:






25.000 trade professionals attended the World Design Summit Expo, among which were interior designers, architects, landscape architects, graphic designers, industrial designers, urban planners, developers, government representatives, media, facility managers, creative thinkers and corporate clients from local, national and international markets.


Thousands of visitors were invited to discover, view and touch design pieces and a multitude of new innovations. From smart cities over connected homes to high-tech innovations which affect both small town and urban landscapes – the Expo showcased leading design solutions with a focus on the sustainable and ecological.


At the AXENT booth, the AXENT.ONE C and Primus Tankless Toilet were displayed to introduce the tankless technology to many interested visitors.


Local media is interviewing AXENT Brand Ambassador Nicole Roesler and Marketing Manager for Asia Paficic, Elva Yuan.