June 18, 2018

AXENT’s Intuitive XT-Cabinet Honored with 2018 German Innovation Award


Frankfurt am Main, June 7,  2018 – AXENT Switzerland’s ground-breaking intelligent bathroom vanity, the XT-Cabinet, was honored with the German Design Council’s 2018 German Innovation Gold Award.


The German Innovation Awards were created by the German Design Council to identify significant and powerful product innovation. Six hundred and fifty participants competed for the award, including industrial giants, hidden champions and start-ups. They all have one thing in common: a solution, an innovative detail or a service that generates real added value. AXENT’s XT-Cabinet stands out against the competition for its revolutionary technology and futuristic design



XT-Cabinet: The World’s First Smart Bathroom Cabinet

The German Innovation Awards are not based on novelty alone; they identify and honor those innovations which can demonstrably add value for the user. Even when dealing with the details of a comprehensive solution, a radical focus on user-centered features and the individual must be at the heart of the endeavor. The XT-Cabinet’s completely user-focused and customized technology does just this. From facial recognition and personal data-tracking, to structural customization, the XT-Cabinet is the only bathroom cabinet in the world to offer complete customer-managed design and experience personalization. Beyond these intelligent features, the XT-Cabinet incorporates unique value-adding modules including a sanitizing towel (or clothing) dryer, a refrigerator for products that require temperature control, and intuitive lighting to help users pick the perfect makeup palette or ensemble for a candlelit dinner or an early morning business meeting.


To learn more about the XT-Cabinet, contact your local AXENT representative.