December 1, 2017

The Future is Here! The AXENT Smart Bathroom Space Capsule has landed in Guangzhou



On November 27th 2017, the 12th Guangzhou Design Week opened in the Poly World Trade Center of the southern Chinese metropolis. One of the largest booths of Hall 1 was clearly the favorite of the audience – it was AXENT Switzerland’s futuristic and cutting-edge “Space Capsule”, taking visitors to the bathroom of the future.



Thousands of visitors lined up at the entrance of the pavilion, eager to take a look at the smartest bathroom yet. The audience, which mainly consisted of passionates from within the design field, came to the AXENT Switzerland booth and experienced the future smart bathroom cabinets as well as other brand new bathroom technologies.



More than 30 local and international journalists also gathered in the booth for the press conference revealing the future of the sanitary ware industry.



The Future is Here

An era of new intelligence, new designs and new trends


The AXENT booth at the Guangzhou Design Week was themes “The Future is Here”, and Frank Li, the AXENT Group’s Chief Product Strategy Officer, elaborated on this theme during his philosophically inspired speech in front of hundreds of designers and design enthusiasts.


“We are entering a whole new era of artificial intelligence where only new species can survive and embrace the future. AXENT was established in Switzerland nine years ago as a new breed in the otherwise traditional sanitary industry and it will lead the bathroom industry towards a new era of complete, smart bathrooms. ”



“The smart bathroom of the future, which we think of as kind of a space capsule, is a one-piece, monolithic system that is tailored to the client’s overall needs and to the communication between the designer and the client. The assembly will be done in the factory and the complete product will be shipped directly to the consumer. AXENT is the first company in the world to come up with such ideas. ”


” AXENT is eager to work with dynamic and creative designers to take the next step towards new intelligence and new designs and to lead new industry trends.”


The design community and the new trends in the bathroom are bound to set off a wave of innovation in the industry.



The world’s first smart bathroom cabinet –

simple design is the best design


To kick off the Guangzhou Design Week Opening Ceremony, Dr. Yi Min Fang, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of the AXENT Group, officially unveiled the world’s first fully-intelligent bathroom cabinet. It is an important project that AXENT has developed for one year and a groundbreaking invention for the bathroom industry.


Dr. Fang said, “We have invented the world’s first embedded intelligent faucet, which acts as an integrated module and becomes part of the mirror cabinet.” Customers no longer need to match faucets with furniture since everything is already integrated – “Users approaching the washbasin make the intelligent faucet appear with the help of a sensor. On top of that, the new faucet can be controlled entirely by voice.


The smart bathroom cabinets also feature a temperature-controlled storage for beauty products while the smart bathroom mirror is able to detect special needs of the user’s skin, monitor body weight, give health advice and help customers become a better version of themselves.



Smart Voice Control  a hands-free bathroom


Enter your bathroom, greet your smart cabinet with “Hi Xiao Ai” and your smart bathroom will immediately recognize who you are. The visitors were able to witness a demonstration of how a fully voice-controlled intelligent bathroom works in the AXENT booth. Every smart bathroom product understands your individual instructions, making the bathroom a place of ultimate comfort where everything is being done for you.


In addition, AXENT also introduced Cloudy Bay, its intelligent cloud bathtub, a dynamic music shower and a range of minimalist intelligent toilets, to let the Guangzhou Design Week visitors experience the complete smart bathroom experience.


With many thousands of interested designers and design enthusiasts visiting the AXENT booth as well as the AXENT evening event, the Guangzhou Design Week has been a raging success and a an inspiration for us to keep bringing you the latest that the bathroom industry has to offer.