September 25, 2016

AXENT.ONE C wins the 2016 BEST100 Award for Intelligent Bathroom Products


For the occasion of the anniversary of the CIMEN International Brand Center which is widely known in the industry for its “Global import of building materials and high-end real estate showroom” as well as the “BEST100 Master Design Forum” and has this year debuted the BEST100 master design awards ceremony.

The event, which was themed “This is Life”, was held in the Cloud Art Center on the third floor of the CIMEN International Brand Center, attracting many large-scale real estate developers and well-known decoration companies. Famous interior designer Mr. Fang Zhenhua, Building Feng Shui Master Mr. Wang Hongwei and well-known architectural photographer Mr. Xu Fei as well as guests from AXENT, Laufen and Hueppe attended the events. The three famous guest speakers shared their experiences and concepts concerning products, design, environment and arts in relation to the motto “Life and Living”.

Everybody’s perception of life is different. What unique perspectives and insights can we learn from the renowned high-end intelligent bathroom brand AXENT? AXENT’s Vice President and General Manager Mr. Jack Liu was one of the event’s guest speakers and shared his theory of “Value = Function + Sensibility” from the perspective of “housing, demand and traceability”, and earned himself great recognition from the audience.

With his highly emotional yet energetic words Mr. Liu’s keynote speech was repeatedly praised. To create a “perfect bathroom,” so the advocate, AXENT stresses the importance of science and technology, design and emotions – sensibility towards resources and sensibility for life. From these four aspects Jack Lui drew the conclusion that a product’s real importance does not depend on its functions, but much rather on the value the products can add to our lives.

There is no such thing as “it cannot be done”, only “how can we do it”. AXENT believes in the design concept of ‘less is more’ and is committed to simplifying its products as much as possible. Whether it is the Primus Tankless Toilet or the AXENT.ONE C design washbasin, all products are exquisitely crafted with great attention to energy saving and environmental protection features. From a better understanding of the products springs an overall better understanding of the whole bathroom space. AXENT helps its consumers to enjoy the beauty if their own bathroom space, while at the same time experiencing the comfort and health benefits that are a part of this essential and emotional area of our lives.

The red carpet event brought together many of the industry’s high-end brand designers, ambassadors and other renowned opinion leaders. AXENT’s vice president and GM Jack Liu and the Head of Direct Marketing, Ms Anita Xu were also part of the red carpet activities, adding to the glamorous evening event.

Undoubtedly the highlight of the event was the BEST 100 Best Space Design Award and Product Design Award ceremony that was held over dinner. The luxury model of the AXENT.ONE C PLUS Intelligent Toilet, its pure design elements and high-tech details won it the “BEST 100 Award for Intelligent Bathroom Products”.

AXENT.ONE C PLUS has been designed by famous Italian duo Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez who together combine more than 30 years of excellent design experience and are widely praised in the industry. AXENT.ONE C is an expression of AXENT’s principles of design and beauty – elements of purity and detailed design which allow users to enjoy a sense of relaxation and pleasure and thus a better quality of life. The prize of the “BEST100 Award for Intelligent Bathroom Products” inspires AXENT to keep moving in the same direction, to pursue scientific and technological innovation and to enhance ever more customers’ daily lives.

AXENT believes in designs that follow aesthetic values to better connect the soul and the world, as the most harmonious designs spring from the principle of simplicity. This is evident in the design philosophy of Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. Therefore, AXENT.ONE C Plus is true to AXENT’s interpretation of “Beautiful Simplicity”.