Complexity Made Simple.

The Primus tankless toilet is the core of AXENT’s complex and skillfully engineered technologies, showcased in an exceptionally simple yet modern low-profile design. Its tankless design takes up less space than traditional toilets and incorporates engineering innovations to offer less design intrusion with more flushing excellence.

Tankless Technology.

The Primus’ applied “Venturi” system, named after the Italian physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi, paired with AXENT‘s Airless Siphon Technology, offer an exceptionally powerful flush without the need of a tank. This tankless design and powerful flushing efficiency lends to the Primus’ one-of-a-kind water conservation benefits and eliminates the need for unnecessary ceramic (a reduction of more than 25% less materials than traditional toilets).

At your service

Rediscover Your Bathroom Space.

The Primus looks great from every angle and with its tankless design, it fits beautifully in any bathroom. With five customizable color options (White & Champagne Gold, White & Rose Gold and White & Space Silver), the Primus is designed to fit your unique style.

The calming allure of elaborate purism.