Reimagine your bathroom space.

Inspired by our success and lessons learned in Europe and Asia’s notoriously condensed urban environments, we’re introducing North America’s most intuitive and space-saving toilet – the AXENT.ONE Plus wall-hung intelligent toilet.

Less space. More room.

Bathroom floors and floor-standing conventional toilets are magnets for dust, grime and germs. The AXENT.ONE Plus wall-hung toilet eliminates this surface build-up by mounting the toilet to the bathroom wall rather than a floor to create a more spacious and easy-to-clean environment. The AXENT.ONE Plus wall-hung toilet offers aesthetic appeal, cutting-edge hygiene, and the highest level of sanitary cleanliness thanks to its exceptional engineering and hidden tank. Each wall-hung toilet's tank is mounted into a supporting frame that is contained in a bathroom wall. This frame also supports the toilet's bowl so that it may "hang" off of the wall, almost as if it's floating. Moreover, AXENT.ONE Plus intelligent toilets are better for the environment as they require less ceramic and water than traditional floor-standing toilets.

Easy to clean.

AXENT.ONE Plus redefines modern toilet hygiene and transforms a bathroom into a sanctuary of luxury. The stain-resistant surface and the rimless profile help eliminate bacteria, making it easier to keep everything clean. The toilet lid and cover, if heavily soiled, can easily be removed, cleaned and remounted.

Many features. One control.

This award-winning intelligent toilet brings style to your bathroom. A single control regulates the position and flow of the shower spray, as well as the water temperature. Located discreetly to the right of the toilet bowl, this control is as easy to use as the crown on a Swiss timepiece.

Solutions for small bathrooms.

The intelligent toilet.

AXENT.ONE is a new generation intelligent toilet with a series of exceptional functions that are all activated using a single control. Located discreetly to the right of the toilet bowl, this control is as easy to use as the crown on a Swiss timepiece. Created by Italian architect and designer, Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, this remarkable toilet fits into and complements every home and work environment.

At your service.

More features than meets the eye.