October 24, 2018



The German coastline of the Baltic Sea is rich with dramatic cliffs and white sandy beaches, while inland lie romantic lakes, castles and modernized medieval villages nestled amongst gently undulating hills. Tucked alongside the scenic Lake Malchiner and Schloss Basedow (Castle Basedow), is the newly renovated Farmer Hotel Basedow. This hotel’s classic-meets-contemporary style incorporates brightly marbled floors, luxurious tapestries and furniture, and state-of-the-art technology, exuding quintessential German standards for high-quality comfort and design.



German Charm Meets Global Technology

Each of the hotel’s 34 suites offer soft-to-the-touch leather furniture, plush and inviting pillow top mattresses, and the highest level of luxury with newly renovated spa-like bathrooms that include AXENT’s wall-hung AXENT.ONE intelligent toilets. Inspired by growing popularity for “Japanese toilets,” shower toilets, and bidets, the hotel’s management team decided to incorporate the AXENT.ONE intelligent toilet collection into their project due to its unmatched spa-like bathroom features and modern, elegant design. From gentle cleansing, to automatic lid opening and seat warming, the AXENT.ONE offers the most hygienic and comfortable cleansing experience available. The AXENT.ONE’s low-profile and minimalist design lends to the Farmer Hotel Basedow’s unique contemporary meets technology and comfort-driven style.



We’re honored to collaborate with the Farmer Hotel Basedow team in offering guests the highest standards in hygiene and hospitality elegance. To learn more about incorporating one of the AXENT.ONE intelligent toilets into your next project, contact your local AXENT representative today at info@axentproducts.com.