Haitang Bay Mangrove Resort

Sanya Bay, China


Haitang Bay Mangrove Resort Hotel - the third in the world, and China's first seven-star resort hotel.

With a main building with a top height of 126 meters, gorgeous organic shapes and its location in the heart of Begonia Bay, this new addition to Sanya is quickly becoming a well-deserved new landmark.

The hotel features a personal steward service for every room, seven differently themed swimming pools as well as an air bar on the top floor which is the tallest bar in Sanya.

AXENT has equipped the Haitang Bay Mangrove Seven Star Resort with state-of-the-art sanitary equipment to make every guest’s experience in the bathroom as unique as the rest of this seven-star experience.

Products used

Athena Intelligent Toilet
Gallia Counter Top Basin
Gallia Wall-hung Urinal
Mag Under Counter Basin
Shelly Recessed Bathtub
Yilia Recessed Bathtub
Marion Counter Top Basin